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Parkosi is the product of the parent company KARLOSi Technologies Pvt Ltd which is renowned for its innovative technological solutions to empower the world with all their computerized needs.

PARKOSi is a successful application, aimed to provide solutions for the mobility sector, in order to achieve a safer & greener future.

Welcome to PARKOSi

A PAN India mobile app for a GAAP (Geo-tagged Assured Accessible Parking & more) that offers rapid access to the closest PARKING & OTHER SERVICES within 500 walking steps of your Geo location. By enabling space sharing platforms like “HOST” and “GUEST,” we have created a distinctive method for accessing GAAP online throughout India. The host makes money by renting out their legal parking place. By paying the necessary parking fee, visitors can park there without any problem. We provide “Paying Guest Parking” and more, to put it briefly. We are scalable on a social and economic level since it includes a “HOST AND EARN” potential for earning money without making any financial commitments.

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Parking Woes

India is experiencing a horrific situation with parking.

The parking industry is notoriously disorganized and laboriously manual, making it seem as though it is begging for a solution. PARKOSi, however, is optimistic that it has the explanation thanks to its web-based application, which not only solves the parking crisis but also provides the other stakeholders with the ideal means of making some money

“This is a game changer whether you're visiting pals or driving across town for work. It truly is the most convenient method of locating parking.”

Our Vision

To establish as one of India's top SaaS platforms for the mobility industry, offering cutting-edge digital solutions.

Every city will be transformed into a smart city where each resident will benefit from social and economic advancement as well as the Green Future Mission.

Our goal is to expand various mobility services like Park & be my Guest, EV charging, Service Enterprises, roadside assistance, car swapping, and NH Traffic Management by resolving parking-related challenges around the world.

Our Mission

To offer people across India the opportunity to earn revenue without making an investment by facilitating hassle-free parking.

We uphold a set of fundamental principles that are important for both the environment and society at large.

Along with converting the gaps into viable sources of income, we are constructing a green future and EV charging in order to address a number of deeper issues that our nation is currently dealing with, such as pollution, traffic jams, excessive fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and other issues that contribute to global warming and climate change. We recognize that traveling from point A to point B might be difficult, which is why PARKOSi steps in to help.

A message

From Our Founder &

I intend to create a world where you feel free from the parking pains and much more. We are responsible for taking care of this planet, thus I think that strategy will be able to address issues like traffic congestion, pollution, and fuel usage. In addition, it will create jobs for people and move the earth toward a more environmentally friendly future. Since human habits are subject to change, I place a priority on my users' safety and security in addition to their ongoing improvement. I want to transform the value of dreams with PARKOSi, not just for me but also for the average earning sector of the society.

Akhtarul Iman

Founder & CEO

Aiman Badar

Co-founder & MD

Darakhshan Aftab

Team Member

Zia Ali

Team Member

Hassan Qamar

Team Member

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