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PARKOSi, India’s First Easy to Park & Earn, Mobile App is now LIVE!

India’s first park and earn, mobile app PARKOSi is finally live on both Android as well as iOS devices. PARKOSi started off with the vision of identifying gaps in the parking industry by resolving the same with an app. The sole tagline for the company is ‘An App for a Gaap’ whereas the term ‘Gaap’ stands for Geo-tagged Assured Accessible Parking & Other Services. 

The application went live on the 1st of August 2022 and is accessible to people all over India. PARKOSi’s parent company KARLOSi Technologies Pvt Limited registered as a private company in 2020 to bring digital innovation and reforms to the Indian market. The aim for the business is to make parking way more seamless than it is not because the facts haven’t been hidden that in India everybody faces major parking issues as well as vehicle damage due to unstructured and unmanaged parking lands. 

PARKOSi’s revolutionary park and earn solution works in two business models named the Host and the Guest. The Host is the person who can make money by utilizing his or her vacant land for parking by registering it with PARKOSi and earning easy money when someone parks the vehicle during the AWAY TIME which means, the time duration of your parking space in which your own car is out for office, shopping, market, or at your friends or family’s place, etc. In contrast, the Guest works in the most straightforward manner who are the general people searching for a parking space while they are out, they can easily access parking areas available through the parking application, PARKOSi, and can easily identify the parking spot and pay for the same with end to end map view and navigation support. 

If we talk about the need for this application and how deeply it resolves the gaps present and uncovered in the vehicle parking industry, it has significant reasons for the same. Let’s discuss those:

Particularly in large cities, parking is seen as a challenge. Unorganized parking arrangements waste time and contribute to traffic congestion. When a consumer enters a mall or a shopping center, it always takes a while for them to find free spaces. It is always challenging to move the parked automobile later, after spending a few hours in the mall or shopping center. Additionally, the lengthy wait times require more time to pay parking fines. As a result, it was necessary to develop and design a mobile application for parking management. By assisting the user in finding free parking spaces, locating the location of the parked automobile, and managing parking expenses, PARKOSi addresses the aforementioned issues and helps in the overall growth and development of the parking industry as well as the government by encouraging a clean way of taxation billing on this specific sector which has always been unmanaged and clustered.

To learn more about PARKOSi’s mobile application please visit and download the mobile application for your next road trip! 


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