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How Smart Parking Will Make Life Easier For the Citizens of India?

With the rising population and the exponential increase in the number of vehicles, parking has become a huge problem. In India, there are over 1 billion vehicles and only 100 million parking spaces. The future of smart parking in India is not just about providing a solution to this problem but also about creating an efficient system that can manage traffic better.

So, let’s first talk about WHY WE NEED SMART PARKING.

There are many benefits to smart parking. For example, it can help us find parking more easily and save time, reduce traffic congestion and vehicle emissions, decrease privacy for drivers (smart parking uses sensors on the road that block the view of parked cars), and make paying for parking easier. The term smart parking might be used in different contexts. In one context, it refers to a parking system that uses sensors and displays on electronic devices to help with the problem of finding a public lot or private spot to park. On another level, it is used to refer to any type of helping parking owners to deliver their spaces so that others can utilize the same so that we as a community can have better traffic resolution, better stress decrease ratios, and a lot more to contribute to the environment by being better citizens.

The Future of Smart Parking in India

India is one of the most populated countries in the world with a population of more than 1.3 billion people. There are more than 20 million cars on the roads and it is estimated that by 2030, India will have 200 million cars on the road, which is a staggering number. Parking has become an issue in India, especially in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

The future of smart parking in India is going to be a game changer for Indian citizens as they are going to have access to parking spaces even if they don’t have a car. It will also help reduce traffic congestion and pollution levels to great extents. We can see that the government is coming up with some plans but private companies are all bucked up to offer the Indian Government a game-changer application to the Parking Industry so that they can cater taxes and other expenditures with income push as well as the GDP as a whole with the mobile application.

Scarcity of best smart parking applications in the market

By considering everything we just talked about, we discovered that Smart Parking Applications are not something widely available in the market and we need to have a wider horizon in India to cover the big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, majorly all of the cities in India

That’s when PARKOSi Smart Parking Solutions came into existence.

Introduction to PARKOSi for the Parking Industry

With the introduction of Smart Parking, the problems of parking have been solved to a great extent. The mobile app, PARKOSi for parking is now available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This app has made it easier for people to park their vehicles and find open spaces in a jiffy. Isn’t that amazing? Not only that, it adds more value to the people who want to make some money by utilizing their space by sharing it on the PARKOSi mobile app in simple registration steps and that’s all! You are all bucked up to become the next HOST of PARKOSi to help the GUESTS (parking finders) to find their parking space. In these simple steps, PARKOSi ensures that you are able to find your parking space without any hassle and confusion with absolutely zero inconveniences.

We recommend you to try downloading the application to know more about the same and to gather a better outline over this you can just visit our website:


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