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PARKOSi App: One-Stop Solution to Parking Management; successfully organizes crowded public parking zones, this Chhath Puja (ANI)

PARKOSi App: One-Stop Solution to Parking Management (HT)

India, 4th November 2022: KARLOSi Technologies, a leading innovator in the field of parking management, has come up with PARKOSi App, which is a mobile application that allows users to find parking spaces digitally and track their vehicles at any point. Recently, during the occasion of Chhath Puja, PARKOSi in support of the local administration and the Chhath Puja Samiti successfully managed public parking zones. PARKOSi Team helped organize crowded parking spots and more than 2000 vehicles were parked at Patna College Ground, Patna.

Provisions for easy entry and exit were made for public convenience. The App has been designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with features like adding multiple locations and viewing parking sites by city. PARKOSi also added a feature allowing users to book their parking spots in advance to avoid availability hassle.

PARKOSi identifies unoccupied parking spots and converts them into ‘homely parking’ spots due to its GAAP (Geo-tagged, assured, Accessible Parking & Other Services) feature. It is a mobile application that provides a quick go-to closest parking to the user’s geolocation. Another feature in the app is the Host feature, where home or commercial space owners can let out their parking spaces when their car isn’t occupying that space, and earn money with zero investments. Using the Guest feature, users can search for parking spaces as per their choice of Host and location, book an accessible parking spot for the desired time and pay online. The app also ensures complete transparency between the Host and the Guest, with all the information provided from both ends before the booking.

KARLOSi is currently working hand in hand with the government bodies in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. Several public and private parking facilities have already been created and digitalized in the city. It aims to run its project with a dual-benefit objective for the government and the public. Soon residents of Eastern India, mainly cities like Ranchi, Kolkata, Patna, and Bhubaneshwar, will be able to avail the of parking services. They aim to transform every city into a smart city where each resident will benefit from social and economic advancement and the Green Future Mission.

Further, the PARKOSi application also strives to bring about a positive change in society by employing a host of smart initiatives and features such as — Parking Information for Users indicating Parking Locations Nearby, Advance Parking Booking, Facilitating Revenue Generation, and Tracking and Monitoring of Vehicles to name a few.

In addition to the services provided, PARKOSi has also had a major social impact through — Leading the change to transform the unorganized sector into an organized one, increasing mobility by reducing congestion, reducing pollution and travel costs, promoting smart city concepts across the country, social up-gradation, employment generation, increase in per capita income, and boosting entrepreneurship.

The new and upcoming features aid them in their mission to solve traffic issues in every city pan India. The provision of organized parking spots along the National Highway can ease transportation and reduce the rate of accidents. It will also help in reducing traffic congestion in areas surrounding the highway. The provision of EV chargers at every host spot will allow guests to charge their EVs while parked, which proves to be a great way to reduce car emissions and keep them running longer. The added benefit is that it will also help reduce the number of cars on the road, which helps maintain traffic flow and reduce pollution. Users will also be able to check in to their preferred ambiance hourly while their vehicle is parked. The app will inform the user of how busy the area is and if there are any upcoming events nearby, and notify them when it is time to move their vehicle, so they don’t have to waste their time finding a new parking spot.

With PARKOSi, one can also avail of immediate services in case of an accident or breakdown at their geo-location within a few minutes. The app will also let a user track the vehicle’s insurance and send reminders when it is nearing expiration and is due for renewal. This way, the app proves to be a one-stop solution to save money, time and effort. Upcoming features like NH Traffic Management, Roadside Assistance, EV Charging Facility, and Service enterprise can help people choose such a digital solution.

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