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Smart Parking Solutions: Does it Solve the PROBLEM?

Parking is an issue that affects many cities, not just one in particular. Every major city on every continent is battling a growing automobile population and dwindling parking spaces. Parking issues may arise anywhere, including airports, transit terminals, and retail centers. It’s true that from the beginning, a smart parking solution was necessary for healing. That’s where PARKOSi came into the picture.

Inaccessible parking can harm nearby businesses and lower the standard of living for locals. Cities continuously review and evaluate parking plans and performance since parking is so important. According to a poll, the following were the most prevalent parking issues that people reported:

  • inadequate information and ineffective parking space utilization.
  • excessive usage of private automobiles rather than public transportation
  • Unfair and ambiguous pricing structure.
  • inadequate parking at an event location.
  • disabled-accessible parking spots.

In actuality, the parking issue may contribute to a variety of urban residents’ mental health problems. 

We all discuss concepts like a smart world and smart cities. We have fantastic technological instruments at our disposal that are really powerful. 

What good is such technology if we can’t even resolve the little issue of municipal parking?

DO NOT WORRY! With issues coming into existence, there are proper solutions to the same and PARKOSi helps to cater to them all.

Smart Parking Solution with a Smartphone (SMS:S)

What if you used your smartphone to access the map and learned where the closest parking spot was? 

It would have the ability to instantly sense and anticipate spot and vehicle occupancy. Simply tap the smartphone application to bring up the integrated map, which will display the closest available parking space along with its associated cost.

That’s what PARKOSi does. It connects the guests (parking finders) with the one who has it (Hosts). 

Who is the HOST and the GUEST?

The host (also known as the parking space owner), allots his parking space for helping the guests (parking space finders to find the parking and park there and also get paid directly to their bank account. This helps the host to make money out of his parking space while his vehicle is away, termed as ‘ using the away time to earn money. Not only this, PARKOSi has a motto to promote the social cause to reduce all the unnecessary hassles caused due to the parking allocation issues and provides this mobile application to make the world smarter and also a better place to live in.

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